Big Sky – 2017

The International competition of jazz musicians

Alexey Kolosov

The author of this project

Russian jazzman, composer and art director various jazz festivals and special projects («Moscow Jazz Open», «Jazz Travel», «Baltic Jazz», «Russian-Norwegian Festivals» and etc)

  1. STATE

The organizer of this project is «KolosovArtSteps» agency.

The period of project is from March 10 to November 30 2017. The competition part will be finished June 2, 2017. The winners will take part in gala concert in November with other finalists of the competition “BIG SKY – 2016-2017”. Also, they will take part in recording an album which will be released and promoted in Europe.

The mission of this project is making jazz more popular and developing the management in the musical industry. Our competition helps to establish the successful start in career of jazz musicians. The competition is for young jazzmen from 18-28 years old.

The purposes and tasks:

  1. The popularization of jazz as an international language for cultural interaction;
  2. Discovery of the new talents in jazz;
  3. The establishing of the new cooperation platform for young musicians from the different parts of the world;
  4. The formation of the dialogue between young musicians and professionals taking part in the growth and promotion.

The «BIG SKY» is a unique competition because the jury of it includes the high class representatives of music management (producers, promoters, directors of record companies, clubs and agencies).


2.1. There are 4 nominations in our competition: «The Best Vocalist», «The Best Instrumentalist», «The Best Jazz Band» (3-7 participants), «The Best Composer».

2.2. The competition includes 2 parts.

The 1st part: 10.03.2017 ‒ 10.05.2017 ‒ the casting. The participants should fill the «Participant Form» on official website of the competition ( and send the video recording of their playing, no longer than 6 minutes. They should send it on email that you can find on the official website. After moderator’s checking of conformity the demands of competition, the video of participant playing will be uploaded on the website and official pages of our competition in social networks where the spectator’s voting will take place. The announcement of the extramural part results – 12 May 2017 – the announcement of the finalists.

The 2nd part: The finalists will be invited to Moscow for the playing afore the professional jury May 25-26 and June 1-2 in 2017. These auditions will take place in The Central Cinema House.

The conclusion of the competition is the gala concert of the «BIG SKY-2016» and «BIG SKY-2017» winners in the Gdansk Philharmonic Hall (Poland) and recording of an album.

2.3. The age of participants: 18-28 years old.

2.4. We are welcome to the participants all over the world.

2.5. In «The Best Vocalist» nomination the participant can sing any language. In the final part the program should includes 1 jazz standard and 2 song from the participant choice.

2.6. In «The Best Composer» nomination the author will decide who will play his music but must not include more than 5 musicians from 18-28 years old. Every composition must not be longer than 6 minutes. It must not to use the phonogram.

2.7. In «The Best Band» nomination the number of the musicians must be from 3 – 5 persons from 18–28 years old. In the final part the program should includes 1 jazz standard and 2 song from the participant choice no longer than 6 minutes.

2.8. In «The Best Instrumentalist» nomination in the final part the participant can play with his group or we can provide our own trio. In the final part the program should includes 1 jazz standard and 2 song from the participant choice no longer than 6 minutes.

2.9. The road and residence expenses should be paid by the guiding side or by the participants. T he organizing committee provides the accommodation for the finalists in Moscow. The organizing committee has a right to pay the road and accommodation expenses of one or more participants according to the jury choice made by the closed regime.

2.10. All the expenses for visit to Poland will be paid by the organizing committee.

2.11. The organizing committee has a right to have the audio and video recordings of the competition and to place it on a radio, TV and mass media.

2.12. The finalist must not to take part in another concerts and events in Moscow during the final of the competition. In the case of contravention the participant will be disenabled. The participant can take part in the events arranged only by the organizing committee.

  1. The jury of the competition

3.1. The jury of the competition consists of the prestigious persons of jazz.

3.2. The jury will choose the winners during the open discussion and voting.

3.3. The results of the 2nd part of the competition will be declared during the ceremony of rewarding in each nomination.

Phone for information: +7 (903) 162-20-99 – Anna Vavilova – the curator of working with participants.