Marathon “JAZZ IS LIFE”

Appeal Of The Organizing Committee


JAZZ is an improvisation and at the same time the ability to find contact with a partner.
LIFE is also improvisation, in which it is also necessary to find a common language with other people.
During closed borders and the impossibility of personal communication, let’s speak the language of jazz for the sake of life, mutual understanding and love!

We are Svetlana Kolosova, Aleksey Kolosov & Galina Merzlikina. We are the organizers of the BIG SKY International Festival-Contest with the support of the CIS + WORLD integration program in the person of Anastasia Pavlova, today we are launching the “JAZZ IS LIFE” marathon, in which we are already taking part in the study of MUSICIANS COUNTRIES.


We want to enjoy and surprise all of you with a new project that will help forming you a good mood and peace in the soul! This new project hasn’t world analogues, under the “CIS + WORLD” direction flags music tourism –



The purpose of the marathon is a creation of a universal optimistic orient by bright world jazz music of talented musicians from the world. The project is prepared on the basis of the joint initiative of the organizing committee of the “big sky” international jazz festival-competition, with the approval and support of the world integration multi-format program “CIS + WORLD”.


Kolosova Svetlana

Director of the Center for Culture and Art “ART-JAZZ”, Director of the International Festival-Competition “BIG SKY”, Director of the agency “Kolosov Art Steps”, Director of international cultural projects in Russia and Europe “Jazz Travel Poland”, “Jazz Travel Finland”, “Jazz Travel Slavonic”, “Baltic Jazz”, “Moscow Jazz Open”,“Montenegro Jazz Open” and many others.

Kolosov Aleksey

President of the Center for Culture and Art “ART-JAZZ”, ART Director of the International Festival-Competition “BIG SKY”, P.H.D. of ART, musician, composer, radio host, art director of International Jazz Projects.

Merzlikina Galina

President of the Center for International and Cultural and Business Cooperation “Culture for Life”, Development Director of the International Festival-Competition “BIG SKY”, Vice President of the Foundation for the Promotion and Preservation of Cultural Heritage Konstantin Alekseevich Korovin “Save Together”, Editor-in-Chief of the magazine “Skolkovo vision”.

Pavlova Anastasia
Head of the Committee on Tourism of the Business Center for Economic Development of the CIS, Head and author of the intergovernmental tourism program “CIS plus WORLD”.

Dear friends! You are welcome!

Switch from the general international information agenda to the optimistic jazz life (#jazzislife) under a cloudless “great sky” music. After removal of restrictions, our project jazz life #jazzislife will personally charge positive to all who wish in the world, in literal sense of this word.

Everything will be fine!

With respect, Organizing Committee