About the contest

Jazz is the most mysterious genre of music. It is bright, contrasting (from enchanting saxophone sounds to complicated improvisations of the orchestra), spellbinding, stylish and loved by everybody. Century-old jazz history proves all this. This genre impresses all people but not everybody knows that the type of music which he likes actually is jazz.

It’s hard to imagine classical composition depicted on the canvas, but jazz is also a particular direction in painting. The fashion from 1920s, which isrecognized as the most femininefor all the time, what is it if it is not jazz?

“BIG SKY” Competition of jazz performers is held in 2017 for the second time. This competition is aimed at musiciansaged between 18 and 28, playing, singing and composing jazzprofessionally.

This competition provides a variety of extra events such as photo and art exhibitions, educational lectures and master-classes for those who like jazz.

This project aims to promotejazz in all over the world. But first of all it’s a competition for professional performers, which is directed to find at least Van Cliburn in jazz.

Not only to find such a talented jazzman but to show him to the world. The innovationof the competition lies in the fact that not only jazz masters and cinematographers,but representatives of all
musical directions of a world-class management are the members of the jury: producers and heads of record companies, concert and festival agencies and clubs, distributors of musicrecords seeking for cooperation with new talents.

Qualifying rounds are starting on 10 of March in Russia and other countries.

Final concert tours will be held in Moscow on 25, 26 of May and 1, 2 of June in Moscow “Dom Kino” Cinema, a truly unique
venue with the latest technology having perfect acoustics and an interesting history. In the Russian language they call it “namolennoe place”: so many premieres and creative meetings, breakthroughs and seeing-offs took place there.

Moscow “Dom Kino”-Cinemawas not chosen by chance. This is another option for the audience. A quiet place within The Garden Ring, flowering, fragrant May-June Moscow, magical music… And tickets under reasonable prices.